What’s your COVID-19 story?

What’s your COVID-19 story?

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre are collecting local stories and images to create a snapshot of life in Bunbury during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to share your reflections on the lockdown and COVID-19 in Bunbury, which we will collect and share in the future to remember this moment.

This could include answers to the following – 

How are you feeling? 

How has your life changed? 

What changes have you noticed in the community? 

What do you miss? 

Are there things you’ll do differently in the future? 

What would you like people to remember about life during the pandemic?

You could also send us a photograph of something that defines your experience in Bunbury during the pandemic.

All submissions from any ages in Bunbury are welcome.

Please send submissions to museum@bunbury.wa.gov.au

By submitting, you agree to their use by the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre to be kept as an important record of life in Bunbury today.