The Trials of John Boyle O'Reilly

2019 marks the 150th Anniversary of a significant piece of Western Australian history that began in Bunbury in the 1860s. The Irish political prisoner John Boyle O’Reilly escaped from a convict road camp near Bunbury and made his way to Boston, USA where he was instrumental in a subsequent international incident involving Australia, England and USA, the “Catalpa Rescue”.

This incredible story of hope, courage, determination and survival is brilliantly and passionately brought to life by actor Mike Anthony Sheehy, who plays O’Reilly and takes us on a poetic roller coaster ride through heartbreak, pain, and love of country (Ireland), as O’Reilly battles the brutality of convict transportation and an unforgiving Swan River Penal Colony in Western Australia.

Tickets $15 at the door