Tea workshop

​While a good majority of us sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, we are becoming increasingly aware of where our beverages come from and what ‘nasties’ they may have encountered on their way into our kitchen.
Well, its time to Reclaim our Relaxing Cuppa and remove all thoughts of plastic in our teabags.
How? Easy... Grow your own Cuppa.
Why not utilise a few pots on the patio or a little bare patch and grow a few herbs.
Come along for an overview of Tea, ‘Herbal teas’ and learn... plenty of tips and tricks to growing your own abundant ‘Tea garden'.
Workshop facilitator is Wink Lindsay BSc.
This is a free workshop, Sun 7th April 10:30 - 12. Bookings essential. Please call 9792 7284. Minimum age 12.