Australian Heritage Festival

In the early 1800’s the Western Australian coast was visited by one of the most ambitious scientific voyages of discovery ever assembled. Devised and commanded by Post Captain Nicolas Baudin, an experienced French naval officer, cartographer and explorer, the voyage has left indelible marks on both our coastline and in our imagination.
The philosophy which led to this undertaking was, in part, created by the European Age of Enlightenment – a revolution in thought which has led, ultimately, to our diverse scientific and humanistic knowledge as we move through the present and into the future. In gaining a greater understanding of our past, we begin to build stronger bridges to the future.
Preceding the British by some years, the French imagined both riches to be had, and a strategically based colony, here on our shores. A glance at any map of the Western Australian coastline will reveal a host of French place names – Hamelin Bay, Point Peron, Leshenault Inlet – and others, left by these intrepid explorers.
What was their motivation and what stood in their way? How close did Western Australia come to becoming part of the French system?
In these free public lectures come on your own voyage of discovery. Learn about the circumstances, the difficulties and the characters involved in this grand, but ultimately flawed enterprise.
Sunday 3rd of May 2:00pm and Wednesday 13th of May 10:30am 2020
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Plate from Atlas volume of 'Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes' by Nicolas Baudin