Gifts and Donations

Gifts, Bequests and Donations

Gifts and donations are essential for the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre to continue to grow and serve the South West community through the development of our collections, exhibitions and public programs.

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre has a tax deductible status.​

Please contact us to learn more about making a bequest or donation to the Museum. Bequests and donations under the Cultural Gifts Program should be discussed with your legal and financial advisers.

Object Donations

Object donations to the Museum are welcome, and considered in the context of the City of Bunbury Museum Collection Policy. 

Donated objects can only be accepted into our collections if they meet the requirements of this policy and a Deed of Accession is completed. Full identification and provenance (facts known about an object’s history) will be sought before an object can be considered.

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre does not accept open-ended loans.

Please contact us to discuss potential object donations.​​​​